Online food ordering system and app for restaurant

Everything you need to make Online food ordering system and app for restaurant

Dawakrdn helps your restaurant business grow with an online ordering system and a restaurant app. All packaged in one easy subscription with an affordable monthly fee. No commissions, no hidden costs.


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Offer your customers an easy way to order food with home delivery.


How Dawakrdn make it easier to run your restaurant?

Order processing is quick and easy

If ordering for your restaurant requires a phone call, you will lose customers. Most consumers these days want to order themselves online.

SMOOTH online orders

Ordering food with Dawakrdn online ordering system is easy and smooth. Your customers can browse your menu and place an order directly from their home through your restaurant’s website, Facebook page, or your restaurant’s own Dawakrdn app.

Easy order management

Receive orders and report delivery times from your own device. When a customer places an order, you will receive a real-time notification to your device. You can conveniently confirm the order with one click. This will save you loads of time processing orders!

No commissions - save time and money

Offer your customers the option to pay for their order directly on your website without being redirected to an external platform. On an third-party listing site, you are easily shadowed by others and pay commission on each order.


Almost 75% of customers visit the restaurant's website before placing a food order. With an integrated online ordering service, you make sure the visits lead to sales.

A website that brings you new sales

In addition to a good chef, your restaurant needs a clear and easy-to-use website.

ONLINE ordering system up AND RUNNING IN A WEEK!

Your Dawakrdn service includes a modern and responsive website and ordering system that are always tailored to the brand of your restaurant.


To get started requires nothing more from your than sending your logo, basic information and menu to our specialist who will implement the complete system within a week from initial order. You won't get this service from anywhere else!

Mobile app for your restaurant

With a Dawakrdn Premium subscription, you will benefit from a customized mobile app for your restaurant that allows your customers to place orders directly on their iOS and Android phones.

Customized restaurant app

The Dawakrdn restaurant app works on all smartphones, including iPhones and Android devices. The app is easy to use and includes all the necessary features that make the customer experience incredibly smooth.

You can focus on what you love - making delicious food and serving your customers. Dawakrdn takes care of the technology and brings you more sales!

Packed with incredible features available for a monthly fee!


Online ordering system and delivery management

Online ordering system and delivery management

Bonus System and Discount Coupons

Offer customers an attractive bonus system that allows the customer to get a discount next time, you can also create offers that appear in the online store.

Weekly and monthly reports with valuable insights

Automatic weekly and monthly reports help you track sales and order progress, and see billing in real time.

Easy online orders and delivery management

With an online ordering system, you get more sales over the Internet and offer your customers and easy way to order food directly from your website and Facebook page. Payment for the order is conveniently made via online banking without third-party commissions.


Branded restaurant app with only a monthly fee

Dawakrdn is a versatile and easy-to-use online ordering system. The system will be up and running in only a week from the initial order. The online ordering system is tailored for your restaurant and includes order and delivery management, discount coupons, bonus system, admin dashboard and much more.

Make a smart move and get Dawakrdn

Avoid unexpected hidden costs and increase your sales by choosing Dawakrdn, online food ordering system. You will like it - and so will your customers!


Dawakrdn Pricing! You can choose the package and payment method that suits the needs of your restaurant.

Monthly Annual

ID 108 /mo


  • Online ordering system
  • Restaurant website
  • Discount coupons
  • Online payments*
  • Weekly and monthly reports

ID 144 /mo


  • Everything in Basic-tasolla +
  • + Branded resturant app
  • + Order-specific feedback
  • + Bonus system for customers
  • + In-app stamps

ID 387 /mo


  • Everything in Premium +
  • + FB/Instagram Ads
  • + Google Ads marketing
  • + Ads optimization
  • ...

What our customers says!

Olivia Restaurant

“Dawakrdn's customer service always responds so quickly. We’ve also gained significantly more visibility on social media, and of course an awesome ordering system!”

Restaurant El Paso

“Dawakrdn enables our customers to easily order food online. A strong recommendation for an easy-to-use and affordable restaurant app!”

Hallilan Pizzeria

“The best thing about Dawakrdn is that the service always works reliably. We are pleased with the system and the fact that it is constantly being developed.”


Schedule a demo at the most convenient time for you directly from our specialist's calendar. Let’s see together how we can streamline the order processing of your restaurant with Dawakrdn restaurant system.